New Hub Cover

The New Hub: Made for many startup cultures.

Sep 18 2019

Today marks an important milestone in the Hub’s journey as we roll out a new brand and rebuilt digital experience.

The New Hub

Started from the bottom, now we’re here.

Made by Rainmaking and Powered by Danske Bank, the Hub was born in 2016 with one mission: to deliver great free services that foster growth for entrepreneurs, talent, investors and other key players in the startup ecosystem.

With support from partners such as Maria 01, Catalyst and Nordic Impact, we managed to grow a lot in four years, expanding our presence through Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Northern Ireland.

Although we work with many partners, at the Hub we operate in true startup fashion, where a fast, agile setup allows us to have a direct line of communication with our users.

Since day one, we’ve always done our best to engage with startups and learn more about their challenges. It has been an awesome journey since the time we launched with 50 startups to the success of today. That makes me proud!”
Andreas Jensen, Partnerships & Digital Growth and first employee.

We’ve come a long way since day one, and we believe that this very idea of being involved front and centre with the ecosystem, is what helped us reach 6,000+ startups, 200,000+ applicants, 18,000 jobs and 350+ investors so far.

The Hub Growth

User centricity has always been at the heart of our work, and in 2019 we doubled down on user research. Throughout feedback, interviews and data analytics we invested more time and resources into understanding our users and how to solve their challenges.

One new brand for many cultures.

Enter our new brand identity! Our creative direction was heavily informed by the insights we uncovered through this research. Specifically, one of our biggest challenges was to communicate the connection of our digital services to a complex network of people in different countries with different business cultures.

“Data and user research have been a fundamental part in creating a new communication framework. The result is a new brand platform that encloses the Hub’s values and vision.”
— Joe Lesina, CMO at the Hub

The ultimate mission was to provide a clear communication line and to connect the dots between this multitude of elements. This is how we addressed it:

The Hub Visual Language

Simple. Yet flexible.

Our goal was to simplify communication across five countries and create consistency through our digital real estate under one brand. The new visual language encompasses a fresh coat of colours, a font designed for readability and design elements that allow enough flexibility, regardless of format, geography or context.

The Hub Connecting The Dots

Connecting the dots.

We wanted to maintain the right amount of simplicity in the user experience and at the same time, tell the story of the people in our ecosystem. The result is a calculated mix between portrait photography and concentrical abstract patterns that balance the digital and human.

Same great services, new improved experience.

You spoke, we listened. Years of feedback insights have driven most of our decisions into building a useful digital product. “Useful”, in fact, has been the imperative that led us to make difficult decisions like killing features (so long, events calendar!) and adding more exciting ones.

“Our strength lays in the ability to understand the behaviour of our users and make calculated decisions on the products we create. The work we’ve done this year on the new Hub reflects this approach and fully supports our mission of empowering startups and founders, help them grow and eliminate the frictions along their way”
Ninna W Olsen, CEO at the Hub.

With this approach in mind, we re-designed the Hub from the ground up, focusing on specific user groups to deliver a seamless, useful experience. Today, we are proud to give you:

New applicant management system

The Hub Applicants Management System

We are introducing a smoother way to collaborate and manage your hires through a Kanban pipeline system. Drag and drop applicants through different stages of your hiring process and add notes for your colleagues to see. Your next hire is one click away.

New startup culture pages

The Hub New Startup Pages

We re-designed the company pages to include more information and gave them more room to showcase company benefits, team and investors. Your entire company culture, in one place.

New job search flow

The Hub Search Jobs

Enhanced search bar to increase the precision of your job search results. You can even get specific job alerts for jobs that are not out yet. Be the first to apply when a new opportunity comes up.

New startup finder tools

The Hub Browse Startups

We’re proud to be the most reliable and complete startup map in the Nordics. The startup browse page has now more advanced filtering options for investors to follow their leads and find their next unicorn.

Future steps: We want your input

The new brand and product updates are a sign of the Hub’s strong performance in the market and our dedication to continue improving for many years to come.

“The success of the Hub and its latest product update validate our vision of connecting entrepreneurs and delivering positive impact in society. We believe that the Nordics and Northern Europe have exceptional growth potential, and we’re completely devoted to playing a key role in driving innovation and growth.”
— Klavs Hjort, VP Growth & Impact Danske Bank

Our future updates roadmap will, therefore, continue to push innovation forward, by looking at integrations with third-party applicant tracking systems, improved funding experience and actionable profiles for investors and applicants.

And of course, users are at the core of our decisions. If you have any feedback to provide or features you would love to see us implement at The Hub, please get in touch via this user survey: